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We are excited to announce that a staff person from the Advocacy Centre will be working out of Salmo Community Services one day each month (311 Railway Ave, Salmo).

Our first day will be Thursday, February 13, 2020.  Please contact us to make an appointment:  250-352-5777, 1-877-352-5777 or advocacycentre@nelsoncares.ca.

We will post a schedule with future dates as soon as it is available.

On January 1, 2020, a number of changes to the Employment and Assistance Act and the Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act took effect.

As outlined in the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction’s (MSDPR) news release, these positive changes include:

  • Ending the requirement for people on PWD, PPMB or regular Income Assistance to pursue Canada Pension Plan retirement benefits before the age of 65;
  • Removing the limit to the number of security deposits for Ministry clients
  • Introducing a repayable pet damage deposit with the same requirements as a security deposit
  • Changing the definition of spouse so that people can live together for 12 consecutive months (instead of 3) before being considered spouses
    – Married spouses who separate but are not yet divorced can live together in the same home and be treated as separate family units even if they are still legally married
    – Adults will no longer be considered dependents of each other on the basis of demonstrating a parent role towards the child
  • Eliminating the two-year independence rule, which states that young adults must be financially independent for two years before being able to access income assistance.

The above information is from the Disability Alliance of BC.  For more information, please read MSDPR’s news release (linked above) or contact the Advocacy Centre 250-352-5777/1-877-352-5777 or advocacycentre@nelsoncares.ca.

An advocate from The Advocacy Centre visits Castlegar and Salmo every month.
The advocate can discuss income assistance, disability income assistance, landlord/tenant problems (with tenants), family law information, and accessing Legal Services information and resources.
Advocacy Centre schedule for
March – May 2020

For a printable copy, click here .2020 Advocacy Centre Castlegar Salmo schedule March to May.pdf_page_1









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